Hot springs

There are four hot springs with different spring water qualities and effects in Kawaba Village: Sakuragawa hot springs, Kawaba hot springs, Kojū hot springs, and Hotaka hot springs. Furthermore, many accommodations accept hot-spring-only visitors, so you can not only stay and bathe but also visit multiple locations and enjoy a variety of hot spring types.

Sakuragawa hot springs

  • Fujiyama no yu

    Fujiyama no yu

    This bath boasts its own abundant water source with a quantity of 260 L per minute. The alkaline simple thermal hot springs give you beautiful silky skin by removing old collagen.

  • Fujiyama Village (Setagaya-Ward Health Village)

    Fujiyama Village (Setagaya-Ward Health Village)

    This bathhouse inside the "Fujiyama Village" facility is close to the natural landscapes and rural districts located in the valley alongside the Sakuragawa River. Because it is near the Kawaba ski area, many visitors drop in after skiing.

Kawaba hot springs

  • Tokusa - Green valley hot-spring hotel

    Tokusa - Green valley hot-spring hotel

    This small hot-spring hotel is located beside a mountain stream. The hot water from the local water source provides smooth beautiful skin. The hot water is also effective for skin allergies, so many visitors come from far away.

  • Yutorian - Thatched-roofed hot-spring hotel

    Yutorian - Thatched-roofed hot-spring hotel

    This thatched-roofed hot-spring hotel is located in a peaceful rural district. Encounter the unspoiled landscape of Japan that changes from season to season as you enjoy a luxurious bath in the first-rate hot water that offers many health benefits.

  • Hotel SL

    Hotel SL

    This is the large public bath of the Hotel SL, whose grounds through which the SL D51 steam locomotive runs. This extensive bathhouse is great for watching the steam locomotive or washing off sweat and relaxing after enjoying nearby activities.

  • Fukujyusō guest house

    Fukujyusō guest house

    This is a hot-spring guest house of the Kawaba hot springs, which are said to have been found by Kōbō Daishi. For many years, this hot-spring hotel has attracted visitors because of its hot water, which offers many effects against beriberi, and its cooking, which includes plenty of local vegetables.

  • Ikoinoyu - Kawaba hot springs center

    Ikoinoyu - Kawaba hot springs center

    This hot-spring facility has its roots in the region along the Okutone-Yukemuri Highway. The reasonable price attracts many locals, and the hot spring water is famous for its transparency and mild feel.

Kojū hot springs

  • Yugō - Kojū hot springs

    Yugō - Kojū hot springs

    This hot spring facility for day-trips looks out on clear Usune River located at the foot of Mt. Hotaka. Due to its quiet environment and good water quality, this facility has been known as a hot-spring health resort for many years.

Hotaka hot springs

  • Kishū mountain retreat (lodging only)

    Kishū mountain retreat (lodging only)

    All rooms are fully equipped with an open-air bath with a free-flowing source. Fully enjoy a luxurious bath in the well-known Hotaka hot springs as you gaze down on the seasonal beauty of the valley and enjoy the murmuring of the pleasant clear stream.