Foods & gifts

Starting with Kawaba’s brand-name rice “Yukihotaka”, known as Japan's best tasting rice, Kawaba Village offers a wide variety of delicious items, including local sake, ham, and sausage. These delicious items are not just available as souvenirs. You can eat them at Kawaba Den-en Plaza and other locations, so by all means stop by for a meal.

Souvenirs & special products

  • Kawaba’s brand-name rice “Yukihotaka”

    Kawaba’s brand-name rice "Yukihotaka"

    Because it is so delicious, this hard-to-find rice was eaten only by the producers and those with special connections. Definitely try this delicious rice, which has won a gold prize at a national tasting competition for seven years in a row.

  • Fresh local vegetables (Den-en Plaza)

    Fresh local vegetables (Den-en Plaza)

    The farmers of Kawaba Village pick fresh vegetables grown using few agricultural chemicals in the morning, and then sell them directly that day. The lineup of the fruits and vegetables changes by season. Edamame (green soybeans) and corn are especially popular.

  • Mizubasho (local sake)

    Mizubasho (local sake)

    This famous brand of sake is proudly made by the Nagai Sake brewery with an obsession for water, rice, and craft. Mizubasho, which is made using contractually harvested Yamada-Nishiki rice, has a well-rounded and gentle taste, while Taniwadake has a crisp, dry taste with a moderate aroma.

  • Homare Kokkō (local sake)

    Homare Kokkō (local sake)

    This featured sake of Tsuchida Brewery is made with the motto "you’ll never tire of the delicious sake we brew, even after 100 years of drinking". Enjoy the full lineup of sake products made to suit a variety situations.

  • Kawaba beer

    Kawaba beer

    This 100% malt beer is brewed using the clear water that flows from the mountains of Hotaka, the symbol of Kawaba Village, without any filler. Although made with a focus on body and aroma, the finished product is easy for even Japanese people to drink.

  • Kawaba apple cider (seasonal product)

    Kawaba apple cider (seasonal product)

    Yukihotaka rice is used as an added ingredient for this special beer, which provides a refreshing taste. After the mellow aroma of the high-grade aromatic hops, the faint sweetness of the rice fills the mouth.

  • Yukihotaka drinkable malted-rice

    Yukihotaka drinkable malted-rice

    This non-alcoholic, no-sugar, malted rice sweet half sake is painstakingly made using malted rice of Kawaba’s own brand-name rice "Yukihotaka". Enjoy the natural sweetness of this excellent rice.

  • Drinkable yogurt

    Drinkable yogurt

    This yogurt has been painstakingly crafted using carefully selected local raw milk without additives. This recommended souvenir of Den-en Plaza has a charming smooth taste and habit-forming flavor.

  • Ham & sausage

    Ham & sausage

    Our ham and sausage are made by a craftsperson with "Geselle" (journeyman) qualifications obtained through training in Düsseldorf, Germany. These delicious items have been honored with gold and silver prizes at the SUFFA meat-product contest in Germany.

  • Kawaba rice bowl

    Kawaba rice bowl

    The famous spring water that flows from the Hotaka mountain range and Kawaba Village’s own Koshihikari rice and solidified jelly grown in the fertile land that stretches out from the south face of Mount Hotaka go incredibly well with local Gunma Prefecture chicken meat!
    By all means, enjoy an original "Kawaba rice bowl" from a variety of individual shops.