Kawaba Village yearly event information

Various events are held throughout the year at Kawaba Village. In addition to special traditional events, there are also events that everyone can join. Arrange your travel schedule to match the events you're interested.

  • Dondo Yaki (burning of New Year’s gate decorations and daruma dolls) (mid-month)
  • Yakuyoke Kannon Ennichi (temple festival to ward off evil) (18th)
  • Haru Goma Festival (11th)
  • Kawaba Village Entertainment Festival (mid-month)
  • Yakuyoke Kannon Ennichi (temple festival to ward off evil) (18th)
  • Kokūzō Festival (3rd Sun.)
  • Start of climbing season for Mt. Amagoi (near end of month)
  • Green Festival (3rd)
  • Den-en Plaza spring event (during the Golden Week holidays)
  • Start of climbing season for Mt. Hotaka (near end of month)
  • Kawaba Festival & fireworks display (4th Sunday in July)
  • Blueberry picking (mid-July to August)
  • Apple picking (September to November)
  • Grape picking (September to October)
  • Atagoyama Fire Festival (Near start of month)
  • Cultural festival / agricultural festival (3rd)
  • Opening of Kawaba ski area (Near start of month)

Kawaba Festival / fireworks display

This is the number one festival held by the village, which gathers together the festivals and folk entertainment of each district of Kawaba Village. A fireworks display is held as the finale to color the summer night sky with splendid star mines and large-flower skyrocket fireworks.

  • Date: 4th Sunday in July
  • Inquiries: Kawaba Village Village-building Promotion Section, Tel: 0278-52-2111
Kawaba Festival / fireworks display
Kawaba Festival / fireworks display Kawaba Festival / fireworks display

Green Festival

This festival is held at the Den-en Plaza on May 3 during the Japanese holidays of "Golden Week". In addition to refreshment booths, plenty of fun events are planned, including Jyōshū Hotaka drum performances, small concerts, and street performer presentations. Don’t miss it.

  • Date: May 3 of each year
  • Place: Kawaba Den-en Plaza Roadside Station
  • Parking: Yes
  • Inquiries: Den-en Plaza Kawaba, Tel: 0278-52-3711
Green Festival
Green Festival Green Festival

Haru Goma Festival

This nationally known festival, which is dedicated to the Kinkō Inari shrine, is held on February 11. Four people, including three young men dressed as women, circulate around nearly 130 houses in the Monzen district while dancing, singing, and praying for family safety and a bumper crop of silkworms for raw silk.

  • Location: Monzen district, Kawaba Village (at Kichijōji temple / open to public)
  • Time: around 6 AM / around 12 noon
  • Inquiries:
    - About event: Village-building Promotion Section, Kawaba Village Town Hall; Tel: 0278-52-2111
    - About the origins and history of the festival: Kawaba Village Board of Education, Tel: 0278-52-3286
Haru Goma Festival
Haru Goma Festival Haru Goma Festival